The number one question I am asked about TWIG is "what product are you going to use?"  This has been something I have put much energy into since TWIG was just "a sparkle in my eye".  There are a billion (not really, but you get the idea) hair product companies out there and I eliminated about 90% of them when I decided that I wanted to partner with one that is NOT owned by the big three corporate giants of cosmetics.  The second component of that was to choose someone who uses responsible practices, keeping in mind the health of the consumer, staff, and most of all mother earth... all without giving up performance (that is the tricky part). The last component, which came to me when I had a few to choose from, was the importance of having the company founded by a hairdresser.  This is important because only once someone has spent time behind the chair, can they understand what the designer and clients both need.  

 Kevin Murphy products are Australian born and have just made their way to us in the States.  Their products contain high concentrations of pure essential oils, amino acids, and plant extracts that provide lasting and weightless moisture.  These ingredients don't simply coat the hair, they infuse it.  They regenerate, moisturize, and strengthen the hair on a cellular level.  Kevin Murphy products are biodegradable and they search for sustainable resources and wild harvesting or organic growing practices for a cleaner world.  Packaging is recyclable and filled to the max to aid in eliminating waste and the shipment of air.  Kevin Murphy products are sulphate and paraben free.  We are pleased and excited to work with Kevin Murphy products.