first entry.

This marks the first of many firsts for me.  Hooray!... My first blog!  

Let me start by introducing myself.... Jennifer, founder of TWIG Hair Lounge.  I started in this industry 15 years ago as a shampoo assistant.  Four years later I became a licensed cosmetologist.  I have worked in a few salons, been behind the scenes at fashion shows, was an educator for Alterna, and have received many certifications from various giants in the industry.  Over the years, my time behind the chair has passed by so quickly.  I love practicing my art... and on willing canvas... what could be better?!

Three years ago, I was a student in a class where they asked each of us to talk about who our career mentor was.  Mine was Serena... a tiny, sweet, and strong italian woman who taught me how a salon should flow.  It got me thinking that I want to be that to someone.  Around this same time I had begun taking classes on discovering your life's purpose.  Bam!  It hit me... my life's purpose is to help those around me discover their potential.  And with that, I told my employer that I wanted to develop a training program. She told me to go for it and gave me free reign.  It has been an incredible adventure for me.  I have been inspired in so many ways through the fresh, bright talent that stands before me.  I have learned through teaching.  I have also started to see the seeds that I have planted, begin to bloom.  It is amazing and I want more.  With that... TWIG Hair Lounge is about me branching out, planting my own seeds, and fostering my life's purpose.