Meet a few of our Rising Stars!

Annie and Erika are two of our wonderful Rising Stars!

Annie loves to tackle any project you throw at her, and is also our braid master! She is currently taking reservations Tuesday through Sunday.

Erika's specialties inlcude long layers, volumonous blowouts, and also bridal makeup! She is also currently accepting reservations Tuesday through Sunday.

Come see either of these ladies at TWIG!

Intern blog #10

Today, Noel and myself had a root touch up on a guest with coarse/resistant gray hair. We used a double pigment to ensure a 100% full coverage, with a more matte finish so her grays did not appear sheer. The end result was of course perfect, with no stubborn grays. I now have better understanding when and when not to use a double pigment:)

      Julia B 

Intern blog #9

 New experience today my mentor this month, Noel. Today she did a highlight on a guest that looked beautiful, we worked with mixing color and getting it just right to make her guest happy. She wanted caramel highlights and a base to complement then. End result was beautful and perfect for winter.

Julia :) 

Intern blog #6

Today, designer Courtney and I were side by side on a color correction. Our guest wanted to go a nice deep mahogany red brown. I learned that in order to get an even end result we had to fill the previously lightened hair with a filler. The color came out even and shiny! So fun!

Alexis G.

Intern blog #5

Today, designer Leela and I did a root touch up on her guest and also freshened up her ends by using Finest Pigments. It deposits color to the ends without having to do an all over color. It brightens up the bottom leaving it refreshed and smooth. Finest Pigments was the perfect addition to a root touch up to even out the tone throughout the hair leaving it with a flawless shine:)

Julia B.

Intern blog #4

With assisting our amazing designer Courtney today, we did a base bump on her highlight/lowlight guest. The base bump just got us up a level to have a natural look between the highlight low light. The outcome was soft and had a sun-kissed look.

Julia B.

Intern blog #3

Another productive day today here at Twig. I assisted one of the amazing designers here, Erika, she did a beautiful job on a spicy hair painting piece today. Our guest has curly hair so we decided to do thick weave slices so the color can show and not get lost. The outcome was beautiful and natural, with copper undertones, perfect for fall. :)
Julia B.

What is Sustainable Beauty Week?

So what's all of this hype about? "Sustainable Beauty Week," what does that even mean? How did it start? Where are my donations going?
I have answers for you, my friends. 
The first Sustainable Beauty day was held in Italy, the USA, and France in 2010. Each year, Davines salons open their doors on one of their normal off days and all proceeds from that day are given to socio-environmental projects towards the creation and protection of forest areas, environmental upgrading, and strengthening of communities through agriculture. The past three years Davine has been working with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, working to plant fruit tree's in low-income area's around the world.
"This year the funds we raise together for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation will be directed to a large fruit tree planting project that aims to plant 10,000 trees in El Salvador over the next few years. This year's project is especially interesting because of it's connection to the new Essential Haircare line's core concept of biodiversity. The funds you raise will go specifically towards re-establishing the increasingly deforested and rare bread nut tree. 

Breadnut trees provide a staple food once ground down into a grain and are said to have once been a mainstay of the Maya civilization. Through the program, this large tree, that also provides significant environmental benefits, is being reintroduced to communities and schools through planting and nutritional programs. Davines will ensure that the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is available to discus as needed exactly how your donations are being used. " -Davines

This year we're accepting donations this entire week! We're selling our upcycled t-shirt bags for the charity, and also hosting our very own pop-up boutique this weekend! All proceeds will go to Sustainable Beauty week! 

Let's help get some trees planted! :)